Monday, July 6, 2009

Jesse is 6 months old

The past six months have gone by so fast. It is so exciting to see
Jesse grow right before my eyes. Sometimes he changes so much in one
day. He has brought so much joy to our family. It's still hard to
believe I'm a mom. When I look at him I feel so blessed. Happy 6
months Jesse baby.


Memzy said...

Such a cute pic!!

ManicMandee said...

Love that family photo. Thanks for staying with us.

Mary said...

Love the family picture! You're a beautiful family.

Jenny ESP said...

Cute family photo! I wish I had taken more family photos as my babies were growing up, so keep it up!

Emily said...

Great picture! I can't get over how blonde and blue eyed Jesse is! He's so cute!

Happy half-birthday Jesse!

Anna B said...

Hey it's me Blythe! That's so cool! You should totally check out my blog at! Yeah!

Anna Celeste said...

He's too cute! P.S. I'm on my blog again and it's awesome!