Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I was tagged by Anna a long time ago...better late than never.

It's been a long time since I've been on my blog. At first I was avoiding it because Anna tagged me but then time just slipped away. Tim and I have been traveling for the last week. First in Arizona and then Southern California. It was great fun! Tim and I were able to grow closer.

(Pics to follow)

Tim and I had a very romantic night that started out at the Mesa Temple. They had already started decorating the temple with Christmas lights. The night ended with Tim saying "OOOHH YEAH!!! "

He loves Christmas Lights!

We went down and visited Emily and Rob in Tucson. We even drove by my childhood home (see Emily's blog too).

On Monday the 12th, Tim and I had the most AMAZING dinner! It wasn't till we got back to the hotel room that we realized it was our 18th year anniversary of being an ITEM. It was a great celebration even though we didn't know what we were celebrating at the time. BTW, the dinner cost almost as much as one weeks worth of groceries...but it was TOTALLY worth it! (Tim just wrote that and he's typing so he get's to say whatever he wants). Tim's the best husband! I know you're all jealous. (this is me typing)

Now what you all have been waiting for-the 6 Random Facts.

1. I am the Biggest Procrastinator. You probably already know that since it's been almost a month ago when I was tagged by Anna.

2. I often crave "Spagetti-O's" They remind me of my carefree days of my childhood. My favorite are the one's with meatballs. This is a great food storage item. YUM.

3. When I watched "Ratatouille" on Saturday, it made me miss my childhood pet rat "Mabel." She was my sister's biology project. My sister had to train her to go up a ladder using positive reinforcement (cheese). After the project they were going to set the rat free but, I fell in love with "Mabel" and we kept her. We had a connection. She used to let herself out of her cage at night and crawl in bed with me and nuzzle up by my neck. (Don't freak Amanda.)

4. I have a strong testimony of prayer. Whenever Tim losses his keys or wallet; my prayers work like a charm. Ask him it's true.

5. In July I stopped watching "Days of Our Lives." COLD-TURKEY after 30 years of watching it. I was tired of it ruling my life. Every weekday at 1pm I had to be home to watch "Days."

6. Unlike my husband I LOVE IT when my dog "Toby" licks my face, especially in the morning. (LICK LICK) Wake up Mama (said in the voice of Scooby-Doo.)

Now here's the fun part I am tagging Tim's cousins- Amy , Jenny, Erin, TomKat & Sara and The Urmston's(Nathan & Jill)